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“For over a year we have been researching kosher websites worldwide, gleaning the best from each one. The result is a user-friendly, bright, information-filled and creative site serving all of Canada. The new JCC of Montreal site will be launched simultaneously with a new site for Montreal’s Beth Din, Geirut.,” says Kalman Emanuel

“Among the new unique features is an Alcoholic Beverage Guide that is divided into a detailed list for each kind of beverage, i.e. beer, brandy, vodka etc. So for example, if you click on the beer box you will see a list of beers that are acceptable and those that are not. The lists will be kept up-to-date and detailed, with as many companies as possible listed.”

MK’s highly successfully Kosher Minute, a short video starring Rabbi Saul Emanuel is very popular on social media and is now a permanent element on the website. Over the past year, Rabbi Emanuel visited various kosher establishments and factories interviewing the owners as well as addressing pressing issues within the world of kashrut.

The new and improved web site will also feature a list of frozen beverages as well as an all-new simplified produce guide, regularly updated and easy to peruse. A clear and straightforward blessing guide has been created to facilitate anyone who wishes to learn these Золотая Маска: Гроза movie now

The simplified food guide will make it easier than ever to search for kosher information, for a company or a product. “Yoshon lists will be updated on a regular basis,” continues Kalman “We have added clear and hands-on guides for tevilas keilim (immersion of vessels), koshering liver and taking challah. We provide an exciting news section, jam-packed with interesting events happening at MK as well as news on new companies and much more!”

MK.CA is the place to find up-to-the minute news about anything to do with kosher items. We look forward to your feedback! Please share your comments and suggestions and enjoy our website.

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