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Kosher Certification in Ontario

MK Canada’s Kosher Certification Agency provides Kosher Certification in Ontario, Canada’s leading province for manufacturing. Today, more than 3,800 Ontario food and beverage processing companies provide extremely important resources to local and international consumers. Ontario continues to be a fantastic location for business owners in the food and beverage industry based on access to natural resources, innovation, and skilled labour. In 2016, Ontario’s agriculture sector increased its total output by 3% and contributed over $40 billion towards the provincial economy. However, there is still room to improve the sectors rate of growth and development.

Ontario’s food and beverage industry continues to be the province’s number one employer within the manufacturing sector and currently supports over 139,000 workers. To support the sectors continued growth, the Government of Ontario is advocating for the creation at least 120,000 new jobs by 2020. However, businesses must consider some of the current industry trends to successfully expand their operations in today’s domestic and international markets.

Ontario’s exploding kosher market is following a world-wide trend in the high demand for kosher products. Across the world, over $150 billion dollars in kosher products are being consumed annually, and there is no doubt that this is a market with a long-term future. If you are looking to increase both your business and your market-share, MK – Canada’s premier Kosher Certification – is the way to go.

The flourishing food economy of Ontario has led to a distinct increase in Ontario food and beverage companies seeking out MK Certification. The interest in this seal of trust is coming from across the province, from cities like Aylmer and Mississauga to Desbarats and Rockwood where MK is proud to have expanded its Kosher family.

More than fifty companies from all across Canada and beyond  joined the MK Canada Kosher Certification Agency in 2019. Companies from Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and British Columbia have gained MK Canada Kosher Certification this year. Recently, the Canadian Kosher  Market has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the Ontario region. Ontario’s food and beverage manufacturing sector is the third largest in North America with manufacturing revenues of more than $35 billion.



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