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Get Rid of that Chametz!


One who is not in the position to dispose of all his chametz is required to perform a legally binding transaction granting a non-Jew sole ownership over the chametz. The sale should be orchestrated by a Rav who is knowledgeable of all the halachic intricacies involved in such a transaction. Upon conclusion of the chag, the Rav repurchases the chametz from the non-Jew. One should therefore wait enough time after Pesach before using this chametz to give time to the Rav to reacquire the chametz from the non-Jew on his behalf. All chametz that is to be sold should be set aside and locked or marked
clearly to avoid being mistakenly used during Pesach. In the event that one is traveling to a different  time zone, he should notify the Rav to ensure the sale is structured accordingly.

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