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Vaad Harabbanim

The Montreal community is privileged to be represented in the MK by prominent Dayanim/Rabbinical Judges known as the Vaad HaRabbanim. Our Dayanim come from the various communities in Montreal, in this way we ensure that the perspectives of their communities are explained, understood and taken into consideration by the Vaad HaRabbanim

The Vaad HaRabbanim carry an intrinsic role in every Kashrus related decision. Each Dayan is responsible to oversee and strengthen a specific area of Kashrus, such as Hilchos Shabbos (the laws of Shabbos) policies, Shechita, Chalav yisrael, commercial equipment Kasherization, Fish and Tolayim. On regular a basis they sit together to reflect upon the Kashrus related matters and together come to a conclusion.

Under the Leadership of the Av Beth Din Rav Yonasan Binyomin Weiss Shlit”a, the Vaad Harabbanim is committed to determining, maintaining and strengthening all Kashrus standards and Halachic observance in Montreal.

Establishment Ownership Policy

MK is the gold standard in Kosher certification because of our comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence. A key to our success in the food service sector is our supervision and our focus on detail. Our team of trained experts inspect establishments on a regular basis ensuring that our processes and procedures are being followed and that products meet our exacting standards.

With the mindset to always better its standards, the MK has taken Kashrus inspection and supervision one step further by insisting that the owners of food service establishments are Jewish, Shomer Shabbos and have an understanding of the main kashrus related issues.

Having the food service kitchen owned and overseen by someone who understands and adheres on a personal level to all Kashrus requirements avoids the taking of inappropriate shortcuts and misunderstandings of kashrus standards. This provides us with the added reassurance that at all times kashrus sensitive needs are being addressed.

This standard is now being implemented by the mainstream Kashrus agencies in North America as a response to the recent major Kashrus scandals in the country.

Mk Camera Policy

The MK is committed to ensuring that the Montreal Jewish community has confidence in the quality of its kosher certification and supervision. Our goal is to minimize the costs of kosher supervision for our partners in the food sector, while ensuring they are meeting the highest Kashrus standards.

It is with these goals in mind that the MK is collaborating with its certified establishments on the installation of cameras on their premises. The footage is being monitored by dedicated and trained staff.

Installing cameras allows for additional Kashrus supervision of operations during working hours while helping to ensure that non-adhering kosher activities related to certification do not occur  prior or after regular working hours, Shabbos and Yamim Tovim. As a result of the camera system,the MK is able to monitor the Kosher-related operations of individual establishments and is alerted when kosher related activities take place outside of normal business hours.

Our modern camera system is only available to establishment’s with a full time appointed Shomer Shabbos on premises who has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of Kashrus related issues. In the absence of the above conditions a full time Mashgiach may be required. In addition, the MK’s dedicated team of Rovers  – trained expert kashrus inspectors  -visit establishments on a frequent and  regular basis.

Ensuring confidentiality and privacy is a priority for the MK. Measures have been implemented to ensure security, and footage is deleted promptly.

The MK is proud to be among the leading kosher certification organizations in North America to have introduced this enhanced oversight together with  its partners.

MK Home Business Policy

For consumers, the MK logo is a mark of trust, signaling that a product has been prepared under the guidelines and supervision of knowledgeable Rabbinic coordinators and inspectors in accordance with the highest kosher standards. The MK team is comprised of experts in the complexity of modern food production as well as the details of Halacha (Jewish law).

Meeting kashrut standards can be challenging for food businesses operating out of private homes, and as a general rule the MK does not certify these establishments.In order to ensure the proper functioning of a kosher certified kitchen, unannounced visits from kosher supervisors are required and this is simply not possible in a private home.

While the MK is committed to working with and supporting small businesses, it is also determined to maintain the community’s trust. For this reason, the MK insists that certain basic conditions are met before home businesses can be considered for kosher certification. At a minimum, a separate entrance is required, a distinct part of the home must be designated for the business, utensils and appliances must have been purchased uniquely for business usage.

MK certified Home Businesses:

Home Sweet Challah – 6640 Trans Island Montreal, QC H3W 3B9 –  514-961-6521

The Breadery- 1972 Ekers Montreal Qc H3S 1C4  –  514-827-2898

Desserts By Design – 514-225-5700

Petite Source- 514-271-5651

Peche Mignon – 438- 376-5526

MK Pricing structure for catered events

The MK charges caterers for certification on a per-head model. That means that if a caterer informs the MK that they’ll be catering an event for 100 people, the MK charges the caterer per 100 heads. In terms of costs, the MK charges caterers $1.30 per head.

The benefit of this model is that if a caterer has a quiet month, he doesn’t pay for event certification. However, the MK continues to inspect the caterer’s premises regardless of whether they have events planned. This ensures kashrus-reliability of the kitchen at all times.

The cost of having a mashgiach for catered events is $30- $35 per hour. This cost is also charged to the caterer by the MK. In general, there is no certification cost at all for halls, aside from the costs of installing a camera system. It is the caterer who pays per head, and the caterer who pays for the mashgiach. Halls that have their own in-house caterers will pay the per-head price, but that’s a rarity in Montreal.

Whenever there is a charity event, such as a school fundraiser, the MK does not charge the caterer any per-head fee. They are only charged for the mashgiach. Communal events enjoy the same benefit.

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