Guide d’alcool


Boukha Bokobsa – Fig Alcohol
Kosher for Passover
Carmel – 100 Brandy OU*
Carmel – 777 Brandy OU*
De La Rosa Vineyards – Brandy X.O Avraham Star-S-P*
DeKuyper – Apricot Flavored Brandy OU*
DeKuyper – Blackberry Flavored Brandy OU*
DeKuyper – Cherry Flavored Brandy 60° OU*
DeKuyper – Ginger Flavored Brandy OU*
DeKuyper – Peach Flavor Brandy 60° OU*
Dettling – Baschemeiri OU*
Dettling – Bio-Kirsch OU*
Dettling – Brenzerkirsch OU*
Dettling – Cuvee Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Dolleseppler OU*
Dettling – Extra Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Holzfassgereift Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Honey Cherry Liquer (Honigkirschlikor) OU*
Dettling – Jahrgang Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Kirsch Bourbon OU*
Dettling – Kirschliker OU*
Dettling – Lampnestler Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Langstieler Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Lauerzer Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Reserve Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Ruetls Kirsch OU*
Dettling – Steinweich Sol OU*
Dettling – Superieur Vieux Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Weichsel OU*
Dettling – Wildkirsche Kirschwasser OU*
Dettling – Zopfkirsche Kirschwasser OU*
Givon – Brandy
Kosher for Passover
Herman Jansen – Brandy Apricot KLBD*
Herman Jansen – Brandy Cherry KLBD*
Herman Jansen – Brandy Peach KLBD*
Herzog French – Boukha Fig Brandy
Kosher for Passover
Koval – Assorted Varieties OU*
Sabra Liqueurs – Grand Sabra Orange Brandy
Kosher for Passover
Spirit of Solomon – Assorted Varieties OU*
Tishbi (Israel) – Assorted Varieties OU*
Zwack – Kosher Slivovitz OU*
Zwack – Kosher Slivovitz Reserve OU*

* Certifié uniquement lorsqu’il porte le logo casher

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