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Why Keep Kosher?

Articles of Interest, Kosher | July 4th, 2023

    Welcome to the captivating world of kashrut, where culinary traditions intertwine with religious observance, creating a tapestry of meaning and significance. For those who seek to delve into the depths of Jewish dietary laws, this article invites you on a journey of understanding the profound reasons behind the practice of kashrut and the…

MK Kosher Certification: Making the World Kosher, One Company at a Time

Articles of Interest, Kosher, Uncategorised | May 18th, 2023

Introduction: MK Kosher, Canada’s largest kosher certification authority, is revolutionizing the global food industry with its commitment to making the world kosher. Recently, members of the esteemed MK Kosher team, including Rabbi Yisroel Newman, Rabbi Mani Dienna, and Kalman Emanuel, attended the SIAL Food Show in Toronto. During the event, they had the opportunity to…

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