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Benny et Fils – New, Fresh and Exciting!

New certifications | December 13th, 2018

Who doesn’t remember Chez Benny, for decades an icon in the Montreal Kosher restaurant scene? On August 31, 2017, Chez Benny closed its doors and Montreal mourned. It was a huge loss for the Jewish community.  Benny and his son Yaniv took six months to ponder what they would be doing. Rumors abounded if and…

Jacobs Cuts – Lowers Kosher Meat Prices

New certifications | December 10th, 2018

Did you know kosher meat is sold in Esposito in St. Laurent? At prices that are affordable to everyone? No? Well, now you know.   Ten years ago, Johnny Esposito was approached to start selling kosher meat not just in packages. Rather, to have fresh meat on a daily basis.   At that time, St. Laurent had…

Benny & Fils (Chez Benny) Sneak Preview: VIDEO

New certifications | September 17th, 2018

Join us as we take you behind the scenes of BENNY & FILS, in an exclusive interview with Benny & his family.Following his famous reputation of Chez Benny restaurant,Benny & Fils boasts an all-new concept, with new items on the menu, and a whole new look. Stay tuned for the grand opening next week!