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Embark on a delightful journey through the heart of Saskatchewan’s family-based organic mill, Schmidt Flour Inc., now proudly holding the prestigious MK Kosher Certification. From humble beginnings in 1905 to a revolutionary approach in flour milling, Schmidt Flour weaves a tale of dedication, innovation, and a commitment to unparalleled quality.

A Family Legacy of Quality Flour Production:

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of southwest Saskatchewan, Schmidt Flour Inc. is not just a mill; it’s a family tradition rooted in hard work and a commitment to producing the finest flour. With a legacy dating back to Grandma Schmidt’s arrival in 1905, the Schmidt family chose to settle in an area considered too dry for habitation by early explorers. Despite the challenges, they cultivated the land, delving into cattle and grain farming for over 80 years.

Arnold Schmidt: Pioneering Organic Farming and Flour Mill Innovation:

In the early 1980s, faced with the struggles of conventional farming, Arnold Schmidt, the forward-thinking grandson of Grandma Schmidt, embraced organic farming. With close to 4,000 acres under management, Arnold revolutionized flour milling by designing his own mill – a visionary move that laid the foundation for the superior quality Schmidt Flour is known for today.

Arnold’s dedication to health-conscious farming and flour production culminated in a groundbreaking mill design that allowed grains to pass through the machine in a one-pass process. The result? A healthier, superior flour with nothing added or taken away – 100% natural, as nature intended.

MK Kosher Certification: Elevating Tradition with Excellence:

Adding a new chapter to its storied history, Schmidt Flour Inc. is now MK Kosher certified. Rabbi Yisroel Newman, overseeing the certification process, expressed his delight, saying, “Schmidt Flour has exemplified their dedication and commitment to kosher standards from the time they sent in their application until approval. It’s a pleasure to welcome them into the MK Kosher family.”

Why Schmidt Flour’s MK Kosher Certification Matters:

  1. Gold Standard Kosher Excellence: Schmidt Flour’s MK Kosher Certification signifies a commitment to gold standard kosher excellence, meeting the highest standards set by MK Kosher.
  2. Revolutionary Milling Process: Schmidt Flour’s innovative milling process, pioneered by Arnold Schmidt, retains all the natural goodness of the whole grain, setting it apart from traditional methods.
  3. A Testament to Hard Work and Healthy Grains: At the age of 93, Arnold Schmidt remains actively involved, a living testament to the hard work and commitment to producing healthy grains that Schmidt Flour stands for.

Learn more about Schmidt Flour now MK Kosher Certified in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada here:

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