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A Kosher Truck?

I was driving along the 87-North when one of my kids shouted, “hey look, a kosher truck!”
You couldn’t miss it. A massive blue stamp on the back of the truck with the MK symbol. “You think maybe the truck is edible?” mused my daughter.
I chuckled. “Nah, it’s probably filled with Michael Kors jackets or something.”
We passed the truck, which clearly wasn’t carrying clothing – it was a tanker. The rest of the way home I wondered why a truck would need a kosher symbol.

The best possible kosher alert of all time

When I got home, I called the MK. “Um, this may be the strangest call you’ve ever received, but I think someone out there believes your symbol is like a company registration sign or something, cuz I saw it on the back of a tanker.”
I was kind of hoping to see a KOSHER ALERT displayed in Synagogues across Canada informing everyone that a Kosher symbol had erroneously been placed on a vehicle.
Imagine my surprise when the receptionist informed me that the MK certifies trucks.
But after mulling it over, I realized that it made sense for trucks to need certification. After all, a tanker could have been carrying Treif on a previous trip. But I had to know exactly how trucks get certified, so I sat down with MK Directors Rabbi Saul Emanuel and Rabbi Peretz Jaffe to get the full picture………

Look out for our upcoming Tu Bshvat Magazine to  read the full story on “Kosher Tankers and Trucks”.

By: Rabbi Zvi Hershcovich

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