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New certifications | August 29th, 2017

Nestled in the heart of Outremont, a quaint new dairy restaurant is slowly making its way to fame. Bagetinos, situated on Lajoie, between Champagneur & Outremont, has opened its doors this past week and has already been creating quite a buzz. With its trendy décor and an additional 2nd level, Bagetinos also offers a beautiful…

Koukla – A real Delight!

Kosher, Articles of Interest, New certifications | May 3rd, 2017

Evelyn Jerassy is a beautiful woman, inside and out and a lawyer by profession. She’s also the owner of Koukla Delights, which is gluten-free, certified organic, under MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier, paleo and dairy-free. Her Jewish roots were the propellant to ensuring her company was kosher from the get-go.  During our conversation, she recounted…

Refresh with Gleedaz!

Kosher, Articles of Interest, New certifications | May 2nd, 2017

  In January 2017, the depths of winter, an experienced, saavy, passionate young woman took the reins of what was known as Sprinklz on Queen Mary and reopened the establishment under the name of Gleedaz.   Jessica Assaraf is no stranger to that location. She spent a few years as the right-hand person of the…