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UPDATED Dec 26th 2023

Here is an updated list of Kosher Establishments in Montreal that are certified as MK Kosher Yoshon.

Note: Only Establishments and items that are explicitly stated on this list, are certified Yoshon. Unless listed “everything is Yoshon” products that are not listed are not certified Yoshon.

Read carefully: The list changes from year to year, just because an establishment was Yoshon last year it does not mean it is this year. If they are not on this list, they are not certified for Yoshon.
Artisan bread: As a general rule artisan bread products such as panini, ciabatta, and baguettes are not Yoshon unless specified. (Note: Yoshon bakeries and caterers generally serve them.)

Fried item policy: Coated french fries and anything fried in their oil is not certified yoshon, this includes non-coated french fries and other fried items such as vegetables and cheese sticks. When MK certifies everything as Yoshon this includes the french fries and other fried items as well.

Catered Events: We do not certify that all items served at catered event are Yoshon. The list certifies items that are purchased from, labeled with the establishment logo or if one is certain it comes from a Yoshon certified establishment.

ADAR – Bakery is Yoshon. All artisan breads such as panini, ciabatta bread and baguettes are not Yoshon. Updates regarding catering will be provided when available.
AMAZIN’ GLAZIN’ – Everything is Yoshon.
BESO –Bread and Viennoiserie (babka, brioche, chocolatine, croissant and Danish) only are Yoshon. All artisan breads such as panini, ciabatta bread and baguettes are not Yoshon.
BSTRO – Store baked bread, cookies and pastry only are Yoshon. Baguettes and pom bread are not Yoshon.
BEST SIMCHA – Baked Goods only are Yoshon
BENNY ET FILS – Updates will be provided once available.
CITE CACHERE – Bakery is Yoshon. They sell raw Yoshon soft wheat (for dafina) upon request.
CANKO GROUP (NEW HOMEMADE) –  Danishes only are Yoshon.
CHEZKIE – Everything is Yoshon.
DELI BOYZ – Updates will be provided once available.
DISTRICT BAGEL – Everything is Yoshon.
FLEUR DE LYS – Bread Pastry and Moroccan Pastry only is Yoshon.
KOSHER PIZZA BAR –  Pizza only is Yoshon. Note: Mock peperoni is not Yoshon.
KOSHER QUALITY –  Bakery and catering are Yoshon including egg rolls, spring rolls and the french fries. The Dafina is not Yoshon.
LA MARGUERITE – Bakery only is Yoshon. Artisan bread and baguette are not Yoshon.
LA NOTTÈ –Pizza pasta and baguette are Yoshon. MoreExciting updates coming soon.
LE FALAFEL – Everything is Yoshon.
MIMIMELON –Bakeryonly is Yoshon. Bridor Baguettes and Baguette crackers are not Yoshon
MONTREAL KOSHER BAKERY – Everything is Yoshon.
MEHADRIN MEATS – Updates will be provided once available.
ONE STOP KOSHER –  Everything is Yoshon.  
PARIDISE KOSHER – Bakery, Borekas and Pizza are Yoshon.
PITA ROYAL – Still Yoshon.
PIZZA GOURMETTI –Pizza, French fries Poutine and artisan bread only are Yoshon.  
PIZZA PITA PRIME – Pita, baguette, wraps, Pizza, calizone, and garlic knots are Yoshon. See header regarding French fries and fried item policy.
RENFELL’S BAKERY –  Everything is Yoshon.
SFINGY’S –  Yoshon. (Any toppings other than double chocolate and vanilla cookies are not certified Yoshon.) Oat milk used for coffee are not Yoshon. Rice crispy are not certified Yoshon.
TATY’S PIZZA –  Pizza and regular fries only are Yoshon. Spicy fries are not Yoshon (They are oven baked and therefore do not affect regular fries)
THE BREADERY MONTREAL – Everything is Yoshon.
UMAI SOO SHE – New to MK. Exciting updates will be provided once available.
WEISS CATERING – Yoshon by request only. MK should be notified in advance.
WESTMINSTER GOURMET – Bread cookies and cakes only are Yoshon.  Artisan bread such as panini, ciabatta bread and baguettes are not Yoshon.
YANKY’S PIZZA –  Everything is Yoshon including the French fries.
For up to date Yoshon info and to learn all about “Yoshon” – you can always check out our special Yoshon site –

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