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Without a Trace Foods, Washington State

Brooke grew up with severe food allergies and watched her mom suffer from allergic reactions. Brooke remembers living with fear and the burden of having to keep herself safe from a young age. One of Brookes memories are of her being on the verge of tears so many times “because its very isolating when you can’t eat birthday treats”. She grew increasingly frustrated with her options. Even items labeled nut-free still said ‘may contain traces of.’ When Brooke discovered that one of her own children had food allergies,  she knew it was time to leave her job, take a leap of faith, and create Without a Trace.

Brooke brought her partner Mathew on board and together they began the journey of a lifetime. The more Brooke and Mathew work on Without a Trace, the more they realize it’s bigger than food.

Their goal? To ensure that your kid never feels left out because of his allergies, or gets labeled as “the allergic kid.” They want your child’s friends to all want to try her cool, colorful snacks. Without a Trace also wants to simplify snack time. That means creating snacks your whole family will love, and giving you the option to get them delivered to your doorstep every month.

Without A Trace has created delicious snacks including Crisps, Power Bites, Cookies and granola bars. All of their delicious snack options have no fish, no wheat, no eggs, no milk, no tree nuts, no peanuts, no soybean, no sesame, are plant-based, and gluten-free. Sounds like a dream come true, no? Hold it, there was still one group of children who needed this dream too; The Kosher market! Brooke, Mathew, and their team are never asleep and are always working on expanding their products to as many children as possible. They fixed that too! Without a Trace now bears a proud “MK Pareve” Kosher logo on their products, once again helping ALL to never feel left out again! We at the MK Kosher enjoyed working with Brooke, Mathew, and the Without a Trace team to help bring Kosher consumers these incredible products.

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