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In the realm of snacking, Trigz has redefined the game with their innovative approach to crunchy popped corn chips. Now, they proudly stand as part of the MK Kosher certification family, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to quality, health, and inclusivity.

The Journey to Kosher Excellence

Trigz, a trailblazer in the snack industry, operates by the ethos of “Snack Like a Genius.” With a keen focus on natural gluten-free products, their popped corn chips are not just a treat for the taste buds but also embody health-conscious choices. Utilizing clean ingredients and boasting a nut-free factory, Trigz ensures their snacks align with various dietary needs, including being vegan-friendly.

The secret to their irresistible crunch lies in a meticulous process that involves coarsely grounding and steaming kernels, subjecting them to intense pressure and heat. This dedication to perfection results in a line-up of delectable flavors that cater to diverse palates:

Elevating Standards with Kosher Certification

The recent acquisition of the MK Kosher certification stands as a testament to Trigz’s commitment to inclusivity and quality. Rabbi Saul Emanuel of MK Kosher expressed immense delight in welcoming Trigz into the prestigious circle of certified products. He stated, “We are thrilled to welcome this delicious healthy snack to the MK Kosher certification family. Our team was happy to work with Trigz to get them the Gold Standard in Kosher Certification.”

For consumers seeking certified kosher products in South Africa, Trigz now stands tall among the choices, ensuring that the South African community has access to premium, health-focused snacks that meet stringent kosher standards.

Where to Find Trigz Chips

For those eager to experience the genius behind Trigz’s crunchy popped corn chips, they are available for purchase at various locations across South Africa. Visit Trigz’s official website for a comprehensive list of retailers stocking these delightful snacks.

In Conclusion

Trigz’s foray into the MK Kosher certification family represents a significant step toward offering inclusive, high-quality snacks that cater to diverse dietary needs. As they continue to champion healthy snacking with their crunchy popped corn chips, Trigz stands as a beacon of excellence in the South African snack industry, delivering taste, health, and quality in every bite.

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