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At MK Kosher Certifications, we are thrilled to announce our latest certification in the vibrant state of Maine, where authenticity and locally-sourced ingredients come together in culinary perfection. “The Good Crust,” renowned for its artisanal sourdough pizza crusts, has now joined the MK Kosher family. Here’s a closer look at what makes “The Good Crust” so special and why this certification is a significant milestone for kosher cuisine in North America.

A Pandemic-Inspired Culinary Venture: Founded in September 2020 by Heather Kerner, “The Good Crust” emerged amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Heather’s vision was to create high-quality pizza dough made exclusively from authentic Maine ingredients. Despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic, she persevered, determined to provide her clients, both within the state and across the country, with a taste of Maine’s finest.

A Commitment to Quality and Community: “The Good Crust” isn’t just about crafting exceptional pizza dough; it’s about creating opportunities and fostering a sense of community. Heather Kerner’s dedication to quality extends to her commitment to employing individuals who may face barriers to traditional employment. This includes those with cerebral palsy, autism, traumatic brain injury, and individuals in addiction recovery.

The Good Crust founder Heather Kerner

Local Grains, Authentic Flavor: “The Good Crust” takes pride in crafting their sourdough pizza crusts from freshly milled, local, and nutritious grains. Their dedication to using 100% Maine-sourced, sustainably-grown grains not only elevates the taste but also supports the revival of the local grain economy. By choosing local ingredients, “The Good Crust” stands as a beacon of sustainable and community-focused culinary excellence.

Empowering Maine’s Workforce: Beyond delivering exceptional pizza crusts, “The Good Crust” is committed to enriching the lives of Mainers by offering purposeful, paid training opportunities. Their inclusive workplace culture is tailored to harness the strengths of every team member. Through this initiative, “The Good Crust” is helping individuals with unique needs to enter the workforce, promoting diverse and meaningful employment.

The Good Crust packaged and ready to get shipped to some lucky customers

Praise from Local Businesses: Local businesses, including Flight Deck Brewing, recognize the exceptional qualities of “The Good Crust.” Nate Wildes, the owner of Flight Deck Brewing, attests to the appeal of this exceptional pizza dough. He states, “We’ve compared all the pizza crusts out there, and we keep coming back to this one. This dough checks all the boxes—healthy, local, sourdough, and delicious. It doesn’t matter whether a pizza is vegetables or meat or something else—customers tell us, ‘Man, that dough is really good.’ And the consistency and social impact have real business value. We have not found a better value product out there.”

Rabbi Yisroel Newman, at MK Kosher, had this to say about working with “The Good Crust”: “The Good Crust was amazing to work with, and their products are absolutely incredible. Their commitment to adhering to strict kosher standards, quality, sustainability, and community impact aligns perfectly with our values. We are proud to welcome them into the MK Kosher family.”

Expanding the Table of Opportunity: Heather Kerner’s vision doesn’t stop here. Her ambitious growth target is to have “The Good Crust’s” signature pizza dough available in grocery stores along the entire East Coast. For Kerner, it’s about more than just delicious pizza; it’s about bringing people together at the table and ensuring that everyone has a seat.

Discover “The Good Crust” Near You: For those eager to experience the authenticity and taste of “The Good Crust,” you can find their crusts at various locations using their store locator here. Additionally, if you’re interested in selling their exceptional product, you can request their product here.

We are incredibly excited to welcome “The Good Crust” to the MK Kosher family, and we are certain that their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community impact will resonate with kosher cuisine enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on our growing family of MK Kosher-certified brands.

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