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Canada’s Kosher Certifier in conjunction with the Jewish Community Council of Montreal held their first annual Pesach in a Nutshell on Sunday March 26th, exceeding all expectations. Montreal’s reputation for being a more traditional and knowledgeable city was born out by the enthusiastic crowd and stimulating exchanges.


Fielding a vast array of real-life, real-time questions, the Rabbis of the Vaad Harabanim were kept on their toes for a few hours.


Montreal’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Binyomin Weiss, world-renowned for his expertise in medical issues, opened the afternoon speaking about dealing with illness on Pesach and all its ramifications.


Rabbi Uri Deutsch, who joined the Vaad Harabanim just two months ago, gave an exceptional Shiur explaining how to re-tell the story of Passover to the next generation.


Rabbi Aryeh Posen unraveled the ‘whats and buts’ of Chol Hamoed, a period that can be confusing and challenging vis-a-vis Halacha. Rabbi Posen smoothed the way for those present with his clear, tight responses.


Rabbi Berel Bell of Lubavitch, a longtime and distinguished member of the Vaad Harabanim, dealt with non-medicinal products on Pesach.


Rabbi Yoel Chonon Wenger ran a general session called “Ask the Rabbi your Passover questions. With his vast knowledge, Rabbi Wenger fielded over thirty questions in a straightforward and explicit manner understandable to everyone.


Refreshments were served during the ten-minute break between each lecture, enabling those present to exchange Pesach plans and recipes.

Missed the event? You can listen to the recordings here:

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