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Recently, you may have noticed some new brands of dates with an MK certification on your grocery’s shelves. Seeking to satisfy more palates, Sarl Tolga Agro Food of Algeria got MK kosher certified on their many date products. Going kosher is just the latest for Sarl Tolga, which exports 6,000 tons of their famed Deglet nour dates annually. 

Deglet nour dates are known as the queen of dates for good reason: their fine texture and golden broken color give way to a rich, juicy, and decadent flesh. Besides producing whole dates, Sarl Tolga exports pitted, processed, conditioned, bulk, and paste products. 

Founders Sadek Kisrane Bouzidi and Ben Sahal Abdeldjebbar say they’re pleased to have gone kosher, because, in their words- “the more people who enjoy our famous dates, the better!”

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