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By Rabbi Haim Y Mamane

Previously Approved without KFP List

If a product was approved last year without special Pesach certification, it doesn’t mean it’s the same this year. Only purchase products that were published as approved for this Pesach.

Pesach Aisle

Just because an item was found in the Pesach aisle, it doesn’t mean it is certified for Pesach. Be aware that many times, non-KFP products mistakenly end up in the KFP aisle.

Always Double-Check

Careful! Many products have look-alikes, and some products are only certified in special Pesach runs. Even after verifying and purchasing an item, we always recommend double-checking the product label prior to cooking. Mistakes can happen!

MK’s Passover Website

Search our extensive Pesach database available in both English and French.

Pet Food

On Pesach, it is prohibited to eat, own, or benefit from chametz. For this reason, even pet food must be kosher for Pesach. This may be challenging, so advance preparation is strongly recommended. Here are some chametz-related ingredients to watch out for in pet food: wheat, cracked flour, germ, gluten, groats, middlings, starch, barley, oats, pasta, rye, and brewers dried yeast. The following is a list of commonly found items on pet-food ingredient panels that are allowed on Pesach: beans, buckwheat, brewers rice, corn, grain sorghum, millet, peanuts, peas, rice, safflower, sesame, soybeans, soy flour, and sunflower. If you are unfamiliar with a certain ingredient, do not hesitate to contact a rabbinic authority. See MK’s pet guide.

Diabetic Guide

With the many halachic requirements on Seder night, Pesach may present some challenges for individuals with diabetes. Please see the “Diabetics Passover Guide,” which delves into the meticulous measurements of a k’zayit and revi’it for the various mitzvot of the Seder. It also contains other pertinent information and advice that can help those with diabetes to fulfill the mitzvot of the night without putting a strain on their health. Remember to always consult with a rabbinic authority for specific halachic guidance and health considerations.

No More Eating Chametz!

Although the actual Yom Tov of Pesach begins at sunset, there are specific prohibitions that come into effect on Erev Pesach in the morning hours. The two prohibitions are (1) the consumption and (2) the ownership of chametz. This year in Montreal, the prohibition of eating chametz commences on Monday, April 22, at 10:04 a.m. If one consumed chametz earlier in the morning, it is advisable to brush one’s teeth before the cutoff time.

Selling Chametz

This year, the cutoff time in Montreal for being completely chametz-free is Monday morning, 11:27 am. The sale of chametz must have taken place prior to this deadline. It’s important to note that many rabbis arrange the sale of chametz in advance, so it’s advisable to submit your chametz proxy no later than Sunday night to ensure that you will not miss the deadline.

Clean Your Car!

Your car, along with the rest of your property — such as your house and office — must be cleaned prior to the abovementioned chametz deadline.

Bitul Chametz on Monday Morning

Prior to the chametz cut-off time, all members of one’s family should recite the text of bitul chametz. This is to ensure that everyone relinquishes all ownership of any chametz they forgot to dispose of.

Just Relax and Be Happy!

After all our strenuous work to clean our houses and rid ourselves of all our chametz, it’s finally time to relax, be happy, and enjoy Yom Tov. Seder night is a golden opportunity to spend time with our families, with a mission in mind: to infuse in our children and ourselves with pure emunah and bitachon in Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Let us take the time to prepare ourselves, review the Seder, and learn new divrei Torah in order to adequately transmit the message of Pesach in an organized (“Seder”) fashion!  

MK Passover Customer Service

Our team at the MK is always ready and happy to help out our esteemed consumers with any questions that may arise during their Pesach preparations. Text or WhatsApp our Passover text-line 438-800-3379. As usual you can always email us at

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