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Last Pesach season, the MK launched a revolutionary, modern website designed to be the “Google for Passover”. A total of 20,227 people used to search for their Passover answers. Here’s how it works: whether one is shopping for pesach or about to kosherize their sink, prescribed an OTC medication or in any other scenario with a Passover procedure question-

Just log onto and type your question into the search bar! 

We are happy to report that people in Australia, Israel, South Africa, France, USA  and of course here at home in Canada utilized the service thousands of times in the weeks leading up to Passover. 

In numbers, “toothpaste” was the most searched word on our site followed by a close second – “mouthwash,” then “coffee.” 

MK staff added a mechanism to the site which creates a list of questions for which the site did not have proper answers.  We will be adding everything that was asked on the site before passover 2024!

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