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Anyone who has made Passover knows that the amount of questions that crop up in the days leading up to the chag is near endless. How do I kosherize the oven? Is my toothpaste acceptable for Passover use? Which coffee is okay to consume on Passover? Enter the MK’s ‘Passover Answered’ service.

“It’s non stop bing, bing! The texts literally don’t stop coming in!” exclaims one rabbi manning a shift on the Passover text line.  Over the span of the three weeks leading up to Pesach, over 4,000 questions came in through the line. “The texts come in  pouring in from numbers all over the world,” says Rabbi Saul Emanuel, one of the answering rabbis. “The questions came in at all hours of the day and night, and they were usually answered within a few minutes.” From Tylenol to Tums, lemon juice to self-cleaning ovens, and everything else in between, people used the service to shop with a Rabbi by their side, with the comforting knowledge that the answers they sought were only a text away.

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