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MK Kosher Certification is proud to be a Kashrus agency that services Montreal’s many great Jewish communities. Our mission is to tend to each community and provide the various Kashrus standards that they are stringent about. Amongst those is the Halacha of “Kemach Yoshon.” The practice of Yoshon is a growing trend in North America and beyond. The current marked increase in demand for Yoshon products and establishments is indicative of where the Kashrus market is headed.

Proper Yoshon observance requires planning and preparation in advance. As of this year, we will be putting an extra emphasis on monitoring Yoshon in our establishments, with a dual goal: to provide the public with the highest level of kashrus and to assist establishments in broadening their consumer base.

At the same time we were proud to announce the launch of a new site focused squarely on “Yoshon”. Our site is up and running and is filled with information, videos, up to date lists of products, establishments and so much more.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions,

MK Yoshon Department

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