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Needless to say, our first-ever all Sefardic publication was met with tremendous feedback. Members from all across the Sefardic community reached out with ideas, comments, compliments and constructive criticism. Our Sefardic department headed by Rabbi Haim Y. Mamane worked tirelessly to bring forth a quality magazine with Divrei Torah, Halachot, Kashrut articles and practical guides. “This is the first of many,” says Rabbi Mamane. We thank Our dedicated Sefardic Rabbanim Harav David Raphael Banon Shlit”a and Harav Ephraim Cremisi Shlit”a for all their hard work in helping us deliver for the strong and thriving Sefardic community of Montreal. We have lots more in the works to bring to the table for the Sephardim of Montreal. Lookout!

“This is the first of many,”

Rabbi Mamane

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