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Johannesburg, November 8, 2021: MK, the gold standard in kosher certification, announced today that it has recruited Rabbi Yossi Baumgarten and Rabbi Berel Rodal to lead its rapidly growing operations in Southern Africa.

“For more than 75 years, MK has been setting a standard of excellence in the world of kosher and ensuring an effective and reliable Kosher food supply chain,” explains Rabbi Saul Emanuel, Director, MK. “We are proud to bring our internationally recognized expertise to Southern Africa.”

“Rabbi Baumgarten, our Senior Regional Coordinator for Africa, has been the leading expert for kosher certification in South Africa for over four decades and has written extensively on the subject. Rabbi Rodal, who will serve as our Rabbinic Coordinator for the South African Region, worked in the Kashrus field in his native Italy for a decade, before moving to Johannesburg in 2003 where he co-founded the Hamaor Centre.”

The Kosher food market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry, expanding by more than 10% every year. A key reason behind the growth is that consumers know that Kosher foods are produced according to strict quality control guidelines. In addition, those with allergies and intolerances know they can trust the ingredients listed on Kosher-certified products.

“I am proud to be joining the MK team because they share my commitment to working hand in hand with food manufacturers and producers in order to meet the highest possible standards of kashrut,” notes Rabbi Baumgarten.

“To be working with Rabbi Baumgarten is a real honour,” adds Rabbi Rodal. ‘He personifies kosher certification in our community and with good reason is respected and acknowledged by consumers and Kashrut agencies across the globe . He fully understands the Halachic questions which may arise at facilities and has carried out thousands of inspections across Africa and internationally over the years.

“But the big winners,” he concludes, “are consumers. When they see the MK brand, they are assured that the item is of a gold standard kashrut.”

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