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Rabbi Berel Rodal has joined our team as MK Global Kosher’s Rabbinic Coordinator of the South African Region. Rabbi Rodal, who worked in Italy in the Kashrut field for close to 10 years, moved to Johannesburg in 2003. He has extensive experience in visiting companies and guiding them on the path to securing kashrut accreditation. Rabbi Rodal currently serves as the Rabbi of Hamaor congregation in Johannsburg, South Africa.

For more than 75 years, MK has been setting a standard of excellence in the world of kosher and ensuring an effective and efficient food supply chain,” explains Rabbi Saul Emanuel. “We are proud to be bringing our internationally recognized expertise to South Africa and to be collaborating with two pillars of the South African Jewish community.”

The Kosher food market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry, expanding by more than 10% every year. Studies show that Kosher products sell up to 20% more than non-Kosher products sold side-by-side in a supermarket. Reasons why products that are Kosher certified outsell their non-Kosher competitors include:

● Kosher certification makes products accessible to a broader market.
Kosher food laws meet the religious dietary rules of one-fifth of the world’s population. In addition to Jews,

Muslims and observers of other faiths can also buy Kosher foods to fulfill their religious obligations.


● Kosher certification attests to a higher level of food quality.

Consumers know that Kosher foods are produced according to strict quality control guidelines.


● Kosher certification gives customers with health issues a higher level of confidence.

If you own a company in South Africa and would like to Gain MK Kosher certification Click here.

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