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What an awesome event!

This past Moitze Shabbos 30 Mashgichim gathered for a “Mashgiach Appreciation Melave Malka”! Mashgichim are hard working heroes, and our whole community owes them a massive thank you!

Rabbi Emanuel welcomed our Mashgichim to the event and thanked them for their incredible work and dedication to Kashrus in Montreal. Rav Cremisi, one of the MK Kosher’s prominent Rabbanim spoke of the importance of a Mashgiach and what a special position it is.

As Chief Rabbi Weiss said

“Mashgichim are the Shluchim of the Rabbanim and Hashem, ensuring that everyone can be confident that what they’re eating is of the highest Kosher standards”

Rav Weiss, Chief Rabbi MK Kosher

The event ended on a Purim note with some comedy from Reb Levi Goldstein.

Thank you to all who came! See you all next time!

The next time you see a Mashgiach, you can say #ThankYou!

Rav Weiss, Chief Rabbi MK Kosher – addressing MK Kosher Mashgichim

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