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Located on the second floor of the Decarie Square, LeyLeysKitch by Elna is ready to serve the Jewish community of Montreal with their wide array of delicious food and salads. Attached to the Elna Dental Care offices of the Decarie Square, LeyLey’sKitch by Elna Bistro is only six months into operation, but in that short time, there has been no shortage of exciting development, with new ideas and new savory foods making their way to the forefront. Because of this exciting new growth and development, the staff at the bistro are excited to deliver its latest exciting creations with all of its customers. 

LeyLey’s Kitch is named for its new manager, Lea Malka, who is excited to bring her new ideas and creativity to everything that the bistro has to offer. LeyLey’s Kitch primarily features a salad bar making up most of its menu, but it also serves a selection of delicious breakfast and lunch options throughout the day. Whether it be sandwiches and wraps, their wonderful signature poke bowl meals, or desserts, LeyLey’sKitch by Elna s here to fill your cravings through their wide selection of options. 

Guests visiting LeyLey’s Kitch by Elna will be treated to its welcoming layout and design, inviting guests into a warm and friendly dining atmosphere. Aside from providing great tasting food, LeyLey’s Kitch by Elna seeks to create a great experience for its customers. As a division of the Elna Dental Center in Decarie Square, both divisions of Elna strive to provide Montrealers with quality service in everything that they do. 

With an exciting new launch of this innovative restaurant, along with a delicious new menu, LeyLey’s Kitch invites you to visit their beautiful bistro located in the Decarie Square, open every from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m on Monday through Friday. Just a few short months after its exciting launch, LeyLey’s Kitch by Elna is proudly boasting a wonderful array of offerings that they are excited to continue to share with their customers, creating memorable experiences and delivering great tasting delicacies. 

LeyLey’s Kitch by Elna is located at the Decarie Square, 6900 Boulevard Décarie m240, Côte Saint-Luc, and can be reached by calling (514) 564-3462.


By AY Stein

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