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Centrally located in the heart of downtown Montreal, one Kosher restaurant operates with the purpose of servicing the many Jewish customers who call the area home, and those who are located in the area for work and school. Situated in the basement of Chabad at McGill, the dairy restaurant Le Plezl, seeks to be an integral part of Kosher dining in the downtown area, one area of Montreal otherwise without Kosher food and services. Because of its ties to Chabad at McGill and its location, Le Plezl largely caters to the Jewish student body at McGill University, as well as those located at other schools in the nearby area, including Concordia University. The gorgeous setting and central location of Le Plezl makes the restaurant the perfect haven for Jewish students throughout the Montreal area.


The delicious menu found at this wonderful restaurant ranges from everything from scrumptious sandwiches, palatable pastas, satisfying soups, and delicious desserts. These great delicacies are served with no shortage of expertise by Le Plezl’s dedicated and talented staff. As expected, due to Le Plezl’s location and prominence in Montreal’s student body, several items on the menu include special student discounts. Additionally, one should be sure to try one of the several appetizing lunch specials or combos that this restaurant has to offer throughout the day.

The great service and food at Le Plezl is hardly just restricted to students though. Le Plezl also services the many Jewish people who work and live in the area, providing a Kosher food experience currently unavailable downtown. Le Plezl makes a perfect opportunity to schedule business meetings, cater your next office lunch, or to simply grab a quick bite to eat. Much like Chabad at McGill, Le Plezl does a spectacular job at providing Jewish experiences to those in the Downtown area, especially when those experiences were previously unavailable.

But Le Plezl is more than just the food it serves. In of itself, Le Plezl is a location that serves as a hub for the Jewish student community and young professionals of Montreal. Much in part to its convenient location, which is just minutes away from the Peel Metro Station, and the restaurant’s frequent on-campus prominence, many are drawn to the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant and its great tasting food. It is within Le Plezl’s dedication to its customers that consistently inspire guests to return again and again, and make this restaurant a big part of their work culture in the city.

Le Plezl currently operates on a student schedule, which means that the restaurant’s operating hours frequently depend on the time and season of the school calendar at McGill University. The restaurant is open surrounding lunch hours each day, from 11 am to 3 pm on Monday-Thursday, and 11 am to 2 pm on Fridays, and closed on weekends. Additionally, the restaurant is closed during some significant school breaks, so guests visiting the area should be sure to check available hours and updates by following Le Plezl on Facebook, or by calling in advance.  

Whether the bustling atmosphere of downtown Montreal is home to your daily work, or if you’re visiting the area for leisure, you should be sure to visit Montreal’s fantastic Kosher midday dining option right in the heart of downtown. Le Plezl seeks to create an experience and service its customers looking for Montreal Kosher options and a memorable encounter for each guest. With its dedication to providing Kosher opportunities to students situated in the area and serving great tasting food,  there’s no doubt that Le Plezl is an integral part of the Kosher Montreal culture and dining, and provides great food that will keep you encouraged to return again and again.

By AY Stein


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