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The Kosher Market

The Kosher market is fluid and expanding at a rapid rate. Over $150 billion in kosher products are being consumed annually, this is a market with a long-term future. Companies looking to increase both their business and market-share, kosher is the way to go.

Jews make up less than 2% of the North American population yet more than 40% of newly packaged food and beverage products in 2018 were labeled kosher. That number beats gluten and allergen free.

Kosher and trust is synonymous. When a product has a kosher stamp on it, especially one with a highly visible certification such as MK, the consumer knows the ingredients are accurate and authentic.

There are 1.5 million customers who buy kosher, 3.5 million non-Jews who buy kosher and 195,000 kosher products with more being added on a daily basis.

Over the past twenty-five years kosher food has developed into an over $15 billion industry. People look to kosher symbol with the knowledge that the health and safety standards are impeccable, dependable and that there are no hidden ingredients derived from dairy or animal bi-products.

Kosher Means Growth

‘All-natural’ processed products also have a visible kosher symbol on the package. This is because the natural dyes and flavors listed in the ingredients may come from non-kosher species of insects and fish.

The Rabbinic supervisors add an extra level of cleanliness to the plants they monitor. As well, they ensure that products labeled dairy-free or gluten-free are in fact what they purport to be.

Kosher products are everywhere: Kosher can be found in hotels, hospitals, universities, at sports games, in airports and shopping malls.

Kosher certification boosts companies market shares. Positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will outperform by over 20%. This data has remained constant even in the smaller cities; this is true across Canada and all of North America.

Canada Kosher 2018

In 2018 more than 50 companies joined the Canada Kosher mark of trust allowing their brand to access this huge growing market.

So, we say Thank you! Thank you Canada for a fantastic 2018. We were happy to work with companies from all over to bring Canadian Consumers the largest variety of Kosher products. Here are some of the new brands that joined the Growing MK Kosher Family.

Onto 2019……….AND GROWING


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