Kosher Alcohol and Liquor List

Kosher Rum

Not Recommended
Bacardi – Flavored/Spiced
Canadian Iceberg – Assorted Varieties OU*
CH Distillery – CH Rum cRc*
Cruzan – Banana Rum OU
Cruzan – Black Cherry Rum OU
Cruzan – Black Strap Rum OU-D
Cruzan – Blueberry Lemonade Flavored Rum OU
Cruzan – Citrus Rum OU
Cruzan – Coconut Rum OU
Cruzan – Dark Rum 151 OU
Cruzan – Dark Rum 80 OU
Cruzan – Guava Rum OU
Cruzan – Hurricane Proof Aged Rum 137 OU*
Cruzan – Light Rum 80 OU
Cruzan – Mango Rum OU
Cruzan – Orange Rum OU
Cruzan – Peach Rum OU
Cruzan – Pineapple Rum OU
Cruzan – Raspberry Rum OU
Cruzan – Rum 137 OU*
Cruzan – Spiced Rum OU
Cruzan – Strawberry Rum OU
Cruzan – Tropical Fruit Rum OU
Cruzan – Vanilla Rum OU
Dead Drop – Barrel Aged Rum OU*
Dead Drop – Spiced Rum OU*
Dead Drop – Dark Rum
Kosher for Passover
Dead Drop – Rum
Kosher for Passover
Don Q – Anejo OU*
Don Q – Coco OU*
Don Q – Cristal OU*
Don Q – Gold OU*
Don Q – Grand Anejo OU*
Don Q – Limon OU*
Don Q – Mojito OU*
Don Q – Pasion OU*
Flor De Cana – Anejo OK*
Flor De Cana – Anejo Oro OK*
Flor De Cana – Centario 12 OK*
Flor De Cana – Centenario 12 OK*
Flor De Cana – Centenario 21 OK*
Flor De Cana – Etiqueta Negra OK*
Flor De Cana – Extra Life OK*
Flor De Cana – Extra Seco OK*
Flor De Cana – Gran Reserva OK*
Flor De Cana – Grand Reserve OK*
Iceberg – Rum Gold OU*
Iceberg – Rum Silver OU*
Ron Abuelo – 12 Anos OU*
Ron Abuelo – 7 Anos OU*
Ron Abuelo – Anejo OU*
Ron Abuelo – Centuria OU*
Ron Abuelo – Three Angels OU*
Ron Abuelo – Two Oaks OU*
Single Cask Nation – American Rum OU-P*

* Certified only when bearing the kosher logo

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