Kosher Alcohol and Liquor List

Kosher Gin

Not Recommended
FEW Spirits – American Gin
Berkeley Square – Gin BIR
Bloom – Gin BIR
Bloom – Jasmine & Rose Gin BIR
Bloom – Passionfruit & Vanilla Gin BIR
Bloom – Raspberry & Rose Gin BIR
Black Dirt Distillery – Gin Pig Star-K*
Black Dirt Distillery – Warwick Gin Star-K*
Bluebonnet – Bluebonnet Gin Ideal Kosher*
Bluebonnet – Bluebonnet Rested Gin 90 Proof Ideal Kosher*
Bombay – Original Gin BIR
Bombay – Star of Bombay BIR
Bombay – East BIR
Bombay – Sapphire BIR
Bombay – Bramble Gin BIR
Brokers Gin – Premium London Dry KLBD*
Bulldog – Gin BIR
Canadian Iceberg – London Dry Gin OU*
CH Distillery – CH Key Gin cRc*
CH Distillery – CH London Dry Gin cRc*
Crater Lake – Estate Gin Oregon K*
Crater Lake – Gin Oregon K*
Crater Lake – Reserve Gin Oregon K*
Dakin – Gin BIR
Dalton Winery Kosher for Passover – Gin OU-P*
Dead Drop Kosher for Passover – Gin OU-P*
DeKuyper – Slo Gin 40° OU*
Dripping Springs – Gin HKA
Empress – 1908 Kosher Check*
Golden Moon Distillery – Golden Moon Gin Earth Kosher*
Greenalls – Blood Orange & Fig Liqueur BIR
Greenalls – Blueberry Gin BIR
Greenalls – Citrus Grandis Gin BIR
Greenalls – Gin BIR
Greenalls – Green Apple and Hibiscus Gin Liqueur BIR
Greenalls – Sloe Gin BIR
Greenalls – Wildberry Gin BIR
Koval – Gin OU*
Langtons – Gin No. 1 BIR
Mermaid – London Dry Gin KLBD*
Hendrick’s – Original Variety

* Certified only when bearing the kosher logo

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