5 Easy Steps to Kosher Certification

5 Easy Steps To Kosher Certification

Easy Steps to Certification For your product or plant to be certified kosher, all ingredients and the way they are processed must be kosher compliant. Below is a simple, user-friendly way to begin your certification process.

  1. Apply for certification Complete and submit your application online by clicking here. The application form includes details about your company, plant, products, and ingredients used. Please note that all fields must be filled out. Once you have sent in an application, you will receive a call from one of our friendly representatives who will assist you throughout the process. If you have any questions or prefer to speak to one of our specialists before completing the form, please feel free to contact us by phone at 1 866-739-6363 or email gokosher@mk.ca.
  2. Using our high tech KCert System, kindly submit all ingredients used in the manufacturing of all products produced at your company. Should you require any assistance kindly contact our offices at 1 866 739-6363.
  3. After receipt of your application, an inspection of your production facilities will be conducted, should this be necessary. The procedures required, if any, to certify your facilities would be detailed at this time.
  4. Enter into a contract with the MK- Canada’s Kosher Certifier, which authorizes you to use the MK registered trademark on your products.
  5. Your product is certified kosher MK. With your approval, your certified products will be listed in the MK Food Guide, on our website, Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and in our various other print and web publications. Congratulations!



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