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Canada’s Kosher Certifier will be offering a Kashering service to the
public. The operation will be overseen by the Vaad HaRabbonim.

Preparation for Kashering is very important, be sure to thoroughly
familiarize yourself with the necessary preparations.
Prior to coming for the Kashering the following preparations should take
place. All areas of each item must be meticulously cleaned.
This includes:
A. Turned edges on pots and pans.
B. Joints, and especially the joints of pot handles, removable or nonremovable.
C. Cracks and grooves.
D. Between the tines of the forks.
E. Any connecting points of two pieces (e.g. knives)
F. Engraved writing on flatware and silverware must be thoroughly
G. Any silver with intricate designs or engravings must be thoroughly
Do not use silver polish on silver prior to Kashering as the silver polish
will get stuck in the grooves and invalidate the Kashering. The utensils or
items to be Kashered may not be used for 24 hours prior to Kashering.


As always, Canada Kosher is here to service the Canadian Kosher community. Feel free to text our Passover hotline with any of your Kosher questions at 4388003379 , email us at or call us at 18667396363 or tweet us @ We are here to help make this an #EZPassover for all Canadians.

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