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Did you know kosher meat is sold in Esposito in St. Laurent? At prices that are affordable to everyone? No? Well, now you know.  

Ten years ago, Johnny Esposito was approached to start selling kosher meat not just in packages. Rather, to have fresh meat on a daily basis.  

At that time, St. Laurent had a small Jewish community. It took almost ten years and a huge influx of Jews to get the kosher meat counter – Jacob’s Cuts – up and running. Right now, the only place to get kosher meat in St. Laurent is said counter. Plans are underway for Esposito in St. Laurent (on Marcel Laurin) to be renovated to a state-of-the-art supermarket, which will include a large kosher department.   

MK was helpful, encouraging and the backbone to help set up the deli counter and selling of Beit Yosef meat, with Rabbis Banon and Cremasie at the head. Together they ensured that the meat prices are less expensive than in most other supermarkets. 

Meat Artisan 

There is a team of five behind the meat counter which includes two butchers, two managers and the owner. Their aim is to make Esposito a one-stop shop for all your kosher grocery needs, plus fruits and vegetables.  

But there is something else that sets aside Esposito as your place for meat. That team of five includes a certified butcher.  

The difference between a meat-cutter and a butcher is similar to the relationship between the line cook and the chef. The line cook can be excellent at cooking a fine dish, but the chef understands the entire process of putting that plate together. 

The certified butcher at Esposito understands the entire process of meat, especially the cutting.  From a standing rib roast to lamb, he designs a cut of meat specifically for you. Master butchers are few and far between and take exceptional pride in their work. It is Esposito where you will find such an artisan.  

As for the vast selection – the key word is vast. They have chicken, ribs, briskets, steaks, minced meat, cholent meat and hot dogs.  


St. Laurent has a large Jewish community, with many synagogues both Ashkenazi and Sephardic.  

Those running the meat counter saw the surge in population and were aware that it was difficult to find kosher meat in St. Laurent.  

With determination and a sense of community, they picked up the ball and filled the void. Along with their sales acumen, they have a mission: To supply the best quality kosher meat at the best prices in town.  

They have done little advertising, yet they are extremely busy. Turns out that when you have a good product at a good price, people find you.  

Upcoming Events, Exciting Products  

Food, entertainment and creating a sense of city-wide community are their main focus. They have innovative ideas for cooked food and different cuts of meat, including delicious BBQ chickens, slow roasted on a spit.  

St. Laurent is centrally located within Montreal’s tight-knitted Jewish community. If you didn’t know about their kosher meat department, now you do. It’s a very short drive away for the best meat and prices in town.  

 By Blanche White 

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