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Imagine walking into a supermarket that looks, feels and smells like a spa. Look no further than The Fooderie Market on Park Avenue just south of Jean Talon, Montreal’s newest and only upscale supermarket with a parking lot right in front of the door.

As you enter the first set of doors, there is a large selection of very useful sale items.  As the second set of doors slide open you are met with a visual cornucopia of colors and products that rival any wow factor.

When you begin your visit inside the store, on your left is an assortment of checked, neatly arranged and perfectly packaged vegetables. On your right is the bakery with aromas that make you want to buy everything in sight. In the middle section, you will find fresh fruits and vegetables arranged as though they were ready to be in a watercolor painting.

You stop your cart and just take in the sights. This store is in Montreal? Indeed, it is. The Fooderie Market has created a chic place to shop. Lest you fear that the prices reflect chic, think again. They are competitive and know the market prices.

The meat section is clean and easy to navigate. As you walk along in the store you notice how easy it is to find something as the shelves are not deep. Rather they are long and narrow enabling one to see at a glance what one is looking for. It makes for a shopping experience that can be quick or, if you are so inclined, slower and more methodical.

There is a glossy and sparkling clean fish department with a background of stunning sea-blue tiles. The Fooderie Market has a vast array of plastic and paper products that rival any dollar store, including plastic plates that would look stunning on any table.

Can’t cook one night? Your problems are solved with one visit to The Fooderie Market.  The diverse take-out sections are a feast for the eyes, with many different cooked, tempting and delicious food. Sushi is your choice? Yakimono will be supplying their heavenly and plentiful sushi rolls.

The huge dairy department is replete with many different cheeses, yogurts and other dairy products, again at competitive prices. Checkout is painless, quick and efficient. If you need help, the friendly staff is willing and able to take your bags to your car.

So, if you are looking for an exceptional shopping experience, nothing like you have ever had in Montreal, take a trip to The Fooderie Market. You will quickly become one of their regulars. Enjoy!










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