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Lynn Eltes, a’h, was graceful, kind and passionate about educating Jewish children and many other activities on behalf of the community. She dedicated her life with one intention, helping others.

The new and very innovative Flip Haggadah is a collaboration of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal and MK Canada’s Kosher Certifier in memory and in honor of Lynn Eltes, a’h.

What is unique about this Haggadah is its cutting-edge design – it stands on the table.

In the shape of a standing triangle, as the Seder progresses, one can flip the pages and follow along in English or Hebrew. The typeface is large, clear and easy to read while the Haggadah itself will take up little space at your table and remain free of wine stains.

The JCC and MK Canada’s Kosher Certifier holds true to the deep beliefs of Lynn Eltes, a’h, that teaching children holds the key to the link of the next generation of Jews. Keeping children engrossed in the Seder is one of the links to that key and we are proud to be a part of this endeavor.

We hope that you use this Haggadah and would very much like to hear your feedback on this and perhaps a suggestion for other such initiatives

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