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Providing Montrealers with delicious tasting cakes with a gorgeous design for over ten years, ESB Creations is always looking for new ways to provide Montreal with the best in desserts and delicacies. Customers who use ESB Creations for their catering needs will take comfort in knowing that each project is meticulously crafted, creating a personalized offering to fit each guests’ need, through delicious taste and visually impressive design. 

After all, providing customers with a personalized and carefully planned experience is at the heart of what ESB Creations is all about. ESB Creations is the brainchild of Eva Bendayan, who not only operates this wonderfully creative company but also designs and bakes each cake to fit the needs of each and every customer. The inspiration behind the foundation of ESB Creations was born out of Eva’s own personal experience. As the mother of a son with a peanut allergy, Eva would struggle to find a wide selection of Kosher cakes that were peanut-free in Montreal but also had a difficult time finding cakes that were non-dairy (or parve). Realizing the niche that needed to be filled, Eva launched ESB Creations, in the hopes that she could provide Montrealers with the very same needs she once sought out. 

ESB Creations is constantly evolving to create amazing and unique products for its many customers. To better improve the experience a ESB Creations, Eva studied at the leadership of professional pastry chefs, and attended cake conventions around the world. These experiences learning at the forefront of some of the world’s top pastry chefs have given Eva the opportunity to constantly enhance her recipes, and continue to improve her design skills, resulting in the stunning cakes she proudly provides today. 

While Eva may create pastries for customers every day, no two cakes are alike. This is because, with each project, Eva will first meet with each customer to determine what may best suit their occasion best. No challenge is too big or too small for ESB Creations, and Eva’s determination to provide her customers with the very best pastries for their occasions will ensure that her cakes will be there to enhance any of the proudest simchas her customers may need. 

For over ten years, ESB Creations has been here to provide Montrealers with delicious dairy and nut free cake alternatives in stunning design. ESB Creations continues to evolve with new ideas, new designs, and delicious tasting food, and Eva can’t wait to share her new creations once they do.

ESB Creations is located at 6124 Côte Saint Luc Rd, Montreal, QC H3X 2G9 and orders can be made by calling 514-588-3613

By AY Stein

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