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We are thrilled to welcome Dynastea from South Africa to the MK Kosher family!

Dynastea‘s wide range of Coffee Enhancers, Bar Cocktail Mixes, Syrups and Coldrink and Syrup Flavours, Dessert Purees, Iced Tea Concentrates and Milkshake Sensations will tantalize your taste buds and have you begging for more!

Their products are versatile and are guaranteed to enhance the taste of any drink or recipe. Create your favourite drink hot or cold or use as a topping to improve the flavour of a dessert or confectionery dish.

The following are FAQ’ from Dyanstea South Africa:

How many calories are in each drink?
There is less than one calorie (0.51 to be exact) per 100ml ready to drink when mixed with water.

Why are your syrups so expensive?
Our business value is simple. We will never use cheaper / unhealthier sweeteners just to try to increase the profit. We use the highest quality sweeteners available on the market (Erythritol & sucralose).
Each bottle of ice tea syrup makes approximately 18 cups of ready to drink which works out to only R6.39 per cup.

Is your syrup safe for diabetics?
YES! Dynastea is proudly sold at the diabetic centre in JHB. We conducted extensive testing with their dietitians before we launched it in-store. 
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Will overconsumption cause diarrhoea?
No! Our cordials are made to be enjoyed and make hitting your water goal as simple as possible. We do not add any nasties that could send you running to the toilet if you enjoy too much.

How do I use the Ice tea syrup?
We have a one-product multi-use solution. Each iced tea can be used with hot or cold water, still or sparkling water, soda water, mixed in a gin, used in a cocktail, syrup for slush and more.

Can I drink your syrup if im trying to lose weight? 
Our syrups are the answer you have been looking for. There is less than 1 KJ in a 100ml ready to drink.

Will your products leave me with a metallic aftertaste?
Definitely not, since we only use the very best ingredients you can taste the difference between Dynastea and cheaper competitors. We back our product so much that we offer a money-back guarantee if you buy it, and dont like it.

Do you use real fruit in your ice tea? 
Yes, each flavour ice tea has real fruit (or ginger) added to the mixture, giving it the authentic fruit flavour and added sweetness.

          Are your products Kosher Certified? 



Companies throughout South Africa are joining the ever-growing MK Gold standard Kashrut family. We love working with companies of all sizes across South Africa. If you have a food or beverage company and are looking to go Kosher, apply now by clicking here.

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