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At the newly renovated District Bagel in Mont-Royal, ambition and creativity is always at the forefront of everything that the bakery strives to do. With just less than a year of operating experience under its belt, District Bagel has quickly become one of Montreal’s largest suppliers in providing quality food and catering across the Montreal area. However, the success of Montreal’s latest restaurant is not one that happened overnight, and yet while the road to District Bagel may have been a long-time coming, the seeds for its ambitious growth were planted many years before its very conception.

When Montreal’s former landmark bakery, Mont-Royal Bagels went up for sale in 2015, it took less than twenty-four hours for the beloved bakery to find a new owner.  Almost immediately, Sandwich Plus owner Shulem Greenwald recognized the potential of expanding the business that Mont-Royal had proudly built up and quickly jumped at the opportunity to bring his creative vision to provide the Montreal community with quality food and service. Ever since purchasing Sandwich Plus in 2006, Shulem Greenwald has been a major impact on the consumption and development of the Montreal Kosher food industry. Striving to deliver the Montreal Jewish community with high quality sandwiches and catering, Sandwich Plus, another proud subsidiary of the Canada Kosher hasgacha, grew to enormous success and a proud provider of quality food to the Montreal Jewish community. Since joining the food industry, Shulem had a dream of taking his ambition ever further, with a dream of one day opening his own full service cafe and bakery. While District Bagel was hardly yet a concept for Shulem, the seeds to his vision had finally been planted.

While Greenwald’s vision of the future of his newly purchased business venture was full of originality and creativity, he wanted to ensure that the integrity of the beloved Mount-Royal bagel store was not forgotten. Therefore, while the bagel shop underwent changes to create a stylistic and contemporary, yet classic design, one thing that would remained important was keeping the talent of the original chef and the creative team that allowed Mont-Royal Bagels to become such a renowned part of Montreal, and that was providing Montreal with quality, great-tasting bagels. For that reason, one of Shulem Greenwald’’s priorities was to ensure that District Bagel would continue to proudly provide the Montreal area with the same great tasting bagels that the Mont-Royal Bagels team had done for nearly a decade.

Along with their dedication to great food and service, District Bagel instantly transports its customers to a golden era of quick-service dining, offering a classic- New York style dining experience, a first in Montreal Kosher dining. District Bagel doesn’t stop it’s dedication to old-style perfection at its layout though. Behind the scenes, all of District’s bagels and bread are baked in a classic wood oven without any gas or electricity, keeping their food fresh and resulting in great tasting bagels unlike any other in the Montreal area. But don’t take our word for it: District Bagel also gives customers the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes and watcher their order be baked and prepared, viewable from a large window that gives guests a look into District Bagel’s unique kitchen. Blending classic dining experiences with newly designed innovation is one of the many things that District Bagel is proud to set itself apart from the competition.

District Bagel is full of variety, with over twenty different unique bagel options to choose from.  Whether it be the ordinary sesame or all-dressed bagel, to the far more obscure flavors like chocolate, pumpernickel or jalapeno, there’s no shortage of great variety and options for customers to choose from and experiment. With plenty of bagel options to choose from, District also offers a wide selection of sandwich options to fill your bagel with, including cream cheese, spicy tuna, egg salad, avocado and lox, just to name a few. Beyond bagels, the restaurant serves everything from baked goods, wraps, soups, and salads, both available ready-made or from a selection from their in-store salad bar.  Early morning risers can get their day started on the right foot with the special breakfast menu, with options that include omelets, cheese omelets, coffee, and of course, the restaurant’s very own signature bagel.  Late risers will also be glad to hear that District’s signature breakfast menu  runs far beyond the early morning hours and into the early afternoon ending at 2pm. For the coffee-aficionados looking to start their day, worry not: District has a wide selection of coffees to give your morning a boost and start your day on the right foot. From cappuccinos to lattes and iced coffees or any of their six flavors of slush, you don’t need to be a morning person to enjoy this delicious breakfast offering.

For those looking to bring the great tasting quality to their next event or business meeting for an affordable price, District Bagel proudly offers a wide variety of catering options to suit your need. Whether it be a business meeting for five or a Bar Mitzvah breakfast for five hundred, you can rest easy knowing that your event will remain convenient, cost-efficient, and of course, certified kosher. District Bagel offers everything from platters, spreads, salads, wraps and more to add flavor and variety to your next simchah.

As a prominent figure in the Montreal food industry, District Bagel’s distinct-Montreal work certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the general local public. The bakery has since been featured in major prominent Montreal news sources and outlets recognized for its work of being a proud provider of great-tasting bagels. In the past two years, District Bagel has been featured in the likes of CTV News, TVA News, the Journal de Montreal and their 24h subsidiary, as well as the Metro newspaper, marking it as one of the best bagel shops in Montreal, kosher or otherwise. With such a proud influence on the entirety of Montreal, the only thing that both Anglophones and Francophones can certainly agree on is that District Bagel has truly left its mark on the entire Montreal community at large.


District Bagel is based on a dedication to quality and a quick-service cuisine experience that marks it as one of the first of its kind in the Montreal area. With its great tasting food, attention to detail and originality, the restaurant is proud to leave its powerful influence in Montreal’s food consumption and changing the way that Montrealers eat. District Bagel began as an innovative dream, but if there’s anything for certain, its that you can taste their ambition and creativity in everything they do



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