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Kosher certification has a growing significance throughout the international food market, and the province of Ontario has seen a particular up-tick of producers who are seeking entry into the kosher market. Canada’s MK is delighted to be part of the process for an increasing number of these companies in . 


Celebrity chefs, the finest ingredients, and a trusted name in the food industry are all part of the winning formula for Delcato, a leading Ontario food production company that has recently launched its first Kosher products under the auspices of the MK. Their first kosher offering is vegetarian falafel balls with tahini, items familiar and enticing to those wanting a taste of the Middle East. Their newly certified, ready-to-make falafels can be oven baked in ten minutes and taste fresh out of the fryer. 


Delcato is a fourth generation Toronto business that has come to be a respected competitor in multiple fields within the food industry. At the same time, they have been savvy observers of the growing demand for food that has certified qualification. They have already attained certification for Halal, and now felt prepared to look toward the kosher market. 


Once Delcato contacted the MK, the process was incredibly smooth. Indeed, Terry Sourtzis, Director of Business Operations, described the company’s experience with MK certification as “very cooperative, reliable and supportive. It exceeded our expectations.” The Delcato market is still primarily in the Ontario region, but they have begun to widen their reach and have recently developed a relationship with Quebec’s Loblaws Inc.


Having discovered the easy partnership possible with the MK, Delcato is looking forward to introducing more of its products to the kosher market. The next items up to receive the MK symbol come from Delcato’s extensive line of baked goods. With three cakes already well on their way to certification and several more in the works, all of which come in a variety of sizes, Delcato is adding an exciting option for kosher consumers with a sweet tooth.


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