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Yoshon Products Updates

Yoshon Alerts | December 26th, 2023

FLOUR: Robin Hood or Flour with 547 or 548 Plant Code Date code format: Year -Julian date– Plant. First locate the plant code and then the Julian date code. Or earlier refers to date code. Flour with a “547” Plant code: 3-268-547 or earlier is Yoshon All purpose Flour with a “548” plant code: 3-229-548…

Yoshon Update – Establishments in Montreal

Yoshon Alerts | November 3rd, 2023

UPDATED Dec 26th 2023 Here is an updated list of Kosher Establishments in Montreal that are certified as MK Kosher Yoshon. Note: Only Establishments and items that are explicitly stated on this list, are certified Yoshon. Unless listed “everything is Yoshon” products that are not listed are not certified Yoshon. Read carefully: The list changes from…

Yoshon Update 5

Yoshon Alerts | January 25th, 2023


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