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The Kosher Market grew this year at a very fast rate.  Companies throughout the country seeking to expand their market base have continued to flock to MK Canada’s Kosher Certifier otherwise known as Canada Kosher. Companies from all across Canada are seeing the benefits of joining a highly recognized Kosher Certification agency. Companies are learning that having a Kosher Certification like the MK Canada Kosher on their product packaging increases their sales in a very big way.

More than fifty companies from all across Canada and beyond  joined the MK Canada Kosher Certification Agency in 2019. Companies from Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and British Columbia have gained MK Canada Kosher Certification this year. Recently, the Canadian Kosher  Market has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the Ontario region. Ontario’s food and beverage manufacturing sector is the third largest in North America with manufacturing revenues of more than $35 billion.

This year MK Canada Kosher welcomed all different kinds of companies to the Kosher Market. From companies that produce maple products in Quebec to companies that manufacture chocolates in Vermont. From Cheese producers in Ontario to a Chip company in British Columbia. From an alcoholic beverage company in Saskatchewan to trucking companies all across the country.

We look forward to 2020 where we will continue to work with companies from all across Canada and North America to keep bringing consumers the largest variety of Kosher products to the market.


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