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Café de L’Avenue

The three most consistent comments heard about Café de L’Avenue, the new MK kosher café in the Cavendish Mall are: The place is spotless. The staff is phenomenal. The coffee is unbeatable.

Marissa Sidel is the owner of four successful businesses. The first three are in the men’s world of contractors and sub-contractors, the fourth is her newest venture, a kosher café.

The first thing one realizes about Marissa is that she does her due diligence. Before opening Café de L’avenue, she did her homework. She realized that although the Cavendish Mall is host to the many kosher kiosks, most under the MK, there was not a café with a barista where people could meet. While the food court is great, it’s an open concept, not a restaurant.

So, there was a void in the market, there was a space available in the mall and being an astute businesswoman, Marissa put the two together and voila – Café de L’Avenue.

Enter MK
Initially, while the café used only kosher products and cholov Israel milk, it was not under an official kosher certification. It took three or four weeks for Marissa to realize that this mall, unlike other ones, is a dead-zone on Shabbat. Her volume was less than half a normal day. More importantly however, she did not feel right about opening on Shabbat. It was then that she realized the importance of operating with a valid hechsher. Which is what brought her to the MK.

She had heard MK was one of the most respected and recognized kosher certifications in the world. If she was going kosher, it would be with them. At the MK, she was met, not only a professional organization, but with people who were rooting for her success and doing their utmost to make sure that happened.

Receiving her kosher certification from the MK made her feel not only proud to be part of their vast institution, but it a great honor.

The Uniqueness of Café de L’Avenue
What sets this café apart from a myriad of others out there? For starters, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. You feel comfortable enough there to be alone or with friends.

The food served at the café is brought in fresh daily, from secondary MK partners. Good business people know how to listen and Marissa is no different. She wants and acts upon suggestions from her growing clientele. They asked for a larger variety of salads, speciality yogurts and bagels, all recommendations from people who want her to grow.

Marissa’s aim is to fill a void in the community and she is slowly moving ahead with her plan.

Knowing that there are many schools in the area, she installed a special student bar equipped with USB outlets, plugs and free wifi. In the summer there is a pleasant, plant-filled terrace.

On the Menu
All dairy products are cholov Israel. The varieties of coffees are astounding: Café filter, Macchiato, Flat White, Red Eye, Chai Latte, Espresso shots and many more.

You can have a delicious breakfast of bagels, wraps or Greek yogurt. Lunches are a large variety of salads, soupe du jour, quiche and sandwiches.

If you’re looking for something sweet, try the brioche, cakes, tartes, mille feuilles, muffins, cookies or biscuits.

Always willing to try new ideas, Marissa is holding a contest: If you give her a new coffee recipe and it works, your name will be the coffee of the month.


You can find Café de L’Avenue directly across from the Scotia Bank in the Cavendish Mall.

And one more thing…if you are looking for a venue to hold a party, large meeting or small convention, Marissa is more than happy to accommodate you.

Café de L’Avenue is open Sunday from 8:30 am until 11:30 am, Monday thru Thursday 6:30 thru 11:00 and Friday from 6:30 until Shabbat. They open one and a half hours after Shabbat on Saturday.

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