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Brad’s Plant Based Snacks

Brad’s Veggie Chips start out with a base of healthy vegetables and seeds, such as carrots, kale, red bell pepper, buckwheat groats & flax. Then, all of the ingredients are ground together, laid flat and cut. The shape and texture of the chips & crackers make them perfect for dipping!

Brad’s Plant Based Snacks originated with the intention of creating alternatives to traditional snacks for those who wanted to embrace a plant-based diet but who simply had no delicious, convenient options.

Brad’s first developed the recipes for crispy yet firm veggie chips. Next came crunchy kale, broccoli poppers, seaweed kale-chi, and the newest – tortilla chips. Brad’s is continuously experimenting with new recipes to bring you new plant-based snacks.

Brad’s Plant Base only uses organic, non-GMO ingredients. This means that the farms that their ingredients come from don’t use synthetic fertilizers or harmful practices. This also means that none of their ingredients have been genetically modified – if it says kale, you’re getting kale. As per their mission “they like to keep things simple and tasty.”

Brad’s Delicious plant Based products are available on Amazon, at Whole foods, Wegmans and hundreds of other locations  throughout the USA.

We are proud to certify Brad’s with MK – Global strict Kosher certification.

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