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In the world of kosher-certified indulgences, BjornQorn proudly joins the elite ranks with its recent attainment of MK Kosher Certification in New York. Dive into the extraordinary world of BjornQorn’s solar-powered popcorn, where taste, sustainability, and quality collide.

Popcorn Elevated: BjornQorn’s popcorn isn’t your run-of-the-mill snack. It’s meticulously crafted, featuring homegrown non-GMO kernels and seasoned with all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients. Notably, BjornQorn’s distinctive flavor profile originates from nutritional yeast, a staple in vegan cuisine renowned for its high protein and B-vitamin content.

Sun-Powered Popping: BjornQorn redefines snack-time sustainability by harnessing the sun’s energy to pop their popcorn. Their location in the Catkills of New York employs massive mirrored reflectors that capture and concentrate solar rays on their kettles, creating an eco-friendly snack experience like no other.

Quality Assurance and Safety: BjornQorn’s allergen-free facility guarantees no nut cross-contamination, providing peace of mind to snack enthusiasts. Their commitment to excellence is further underscored by verification from Snack Safely. Now, Kosher consumers get to enjoy these popular products as they now have MK Kosher Certification in New York, kosher quality and safety reign supreme.

BjornQorn has taken off, and is now MK Kosher certified.

GMO-Free and Vitamin-Fortified: BjornQorn’s popcorn is GMO-free certified, and their safflower oil proudly bears Project Verification. Additionally, their yeast is GMO-free certified by BioStar. While some popcorn is certified organic, BjornQorn prioritizes supporting small farms and maintaining close-to-home sourcing.

Solar-Powered and Flavorful: Curious about their secret to perfectly adhering yeast? Well, that’s a trade secret they’re keeping close to the chest.

Rabbi Saul Emanuel, of MK kosher certification, shared his thoughts on BjornQorn’s certification. He said, “BjornQorn is a special company located in a cool place making incredible products that we believe the kosher market will enjoy immensely. We are proud to work with this company and look forward to announcing many more exciting certifications shortly!”

Bjorn Quenemoen and Jamie O’Shea (wearing the hat) were once
college roommates but are now popcorn makers.

Experience the extraordinary flavors of BjornQorn, now MK Kosher certified in New York, and discover popcorn that harmonizes tradition, taste, and sustainability. Stay tuned for more delectable updates from this eco-conscious addition to the MK Kosher Certification family. 🍿✨

As always, look for the MK Kosher mark of trust on the package to ensure that bag is kosher certified:)

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