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At MK Kosher, our mission is to certify brands worldwide, ensuring that consumers have access to the highest quality kosher products. Today, we’re proud to spotlight our newest addition to the MK Kosher Certified family: Better Basics Mill, based right in the heart of Alberta, Canada!

Better Basics Mill isn’t just another flour company – they’re pioneers of flavor, champions of nutrition, and ambassadors of freshness. Their journey begins with a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients: locally grown organic & non-GMO wheat, meticulously selected to uphold the highest standards of purity and sustainability. But what truly sets Better Basics Mill apart is their dedication to preserving the integrity of these ingredients through traditional stone-milling methods.

When the application from Better Basics Mill landed on our desk, we were filled with excitement! Their unwavering commitment to quality and purity perfectly aligns with our mission at MK Kosher. We believe that everyone, regardless of dietary preferences, should have access to wholesome, delicious products that meet the strictest standards of kashrut. And with the MK Kosher certification, Better Basics Mill’s exceptional flour is now accessible to kosher consumers not only in Alberta but across Canada and beyond.

An Alberta kosher certification holds a special significance for us at MK Kosher. It serves as a testament to our dedication to certifying companies in every corner of the globe, ensuring that kosher consumers have access to a diverse range of products that meet their dietary needs and preferences. Whether it’s in the bustling streets of New York or the picturesque landscapes of Alberta, MK Kosher is proud to partner with brands like Better Basics Mill, who share our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and deliciousness.

Join us in welcoming Better Basics Mill to the MK Kosher Certified family! Discover the exceptional flour that’s making waves in the kosher community and taste the difference of Alberta kosher-certified goodness. With Better Basics Mill and MK Kosher by your side, every culinary creation is sure to be a masterpiece.

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