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Who doesn’t remember Chez Benny, for decades an icon in the Montreal Kosher restaurant scene? On August 31, 2017, Chez Benny closed its doors and Montreal mourned. It was a huge loss for the Jewish community. 

Benny and his son Yaniv took six months to ponder what they would be doing. Rumors abounded if and when they would re-open, but no one was sure. After some soul-searching, Benny realized that the restaurant business was in his blood. That, the love of Montreal’s Jewish community and an outpouring of positive vibes convinced him to search for a new location. 

Mid-October 2018 Benny et Fils opened their doors at 4944 Queen Mary.

The new location is on Queen Mary between Ponsard and Westbury, across the streetand a little east of their old location. Once they found a location, it took another six months to renovate. Montrealer’s – the wait was well worth it. 

New Look and Updated Menu

The restaurant kept to its basic tenet which is fast, casual food. You will not wait more than five minutes for our order. There are no waitresses, ergo no tipping. 

During the cold, dark winter months, you can dine in Benny et Fils and feel like you are in a hip, cool diner. A wall of bright yellow rippled galvanized steel reflects the light from many windows in the restaurant. The feeling of warmth permeates the large room. 

Much of the menu stayed the same but they introduced some very interesting dishes. You will find Israeli specials such as shwarma, falfel, pita, Israeli salads etc. What is different is their American menu replete with hamburgers, hot dogs and fries, and the piece-de-resistance, KFC and pulled beef, something Montrealer’s have yet to see in kosher cuisine. 

The restaurant business is not for the faint of heart, which Benny and Yaniv are well aware of. Hard work is their motto, which is reflected in their hours. They are open daily from 11:30 am thru 10:30 pm, closed Fridays and open again after Shabbat until 2:00 am. 

Benny et Fils caters to young families, couples, singles, bubby’s and zaidy’s and teens. They will shortly be associated with Uber Eats and there will be a terrace next spring. 

What to Eat?

Choose from grilled chicken, pargiot, shnitzle or schwarma and then build your own sandwich. Ever hear of Baladi Eggplant? Or Tel Aviv Eggplant? How about a hot bowl of soup and a pita? Hummous with mushrooms and caramalized onions. Hot dogs, Tacos and build your own hamburger along with four different kinds of fries. Yum…

If you are looking for a salad, they have that too along with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for dessert. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Benny is Back! Better, brighter, and energized to serve his community. Pass the word!


By: Joannie Tansky

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