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Ontario’s exploding kosher market is following a world-wide trend in the demand for kosher products. Globally, over $150 billion dollars in kosher products are being consumed each year, and there is no doubt that this is a market with a long-term future. If you are looking to increase both your business and your market-share, MK – Canada’s premier Kosher Certification – is the way to go.

The flourishing food economy of Ontario has led to a distinct increase in Ontario food and beverage companies seeking out MK Certification. The interest in this seal of trust is coming from across the province, from cities like Aylmer and Mississauga to Desbarats and Rockwood where MK is proud to have expanded its Kosher family.

Some of our newly certified companies:

Jamestown Mills, located in the town of Aylmer, Ontario, is a flour mill dedicated to the production of gluten free grains. Founded by the Weninger brothers, Jamestown Mills specializes in supplying the gluten free industry (bakeries, manufacturers, bulk food stores, and etc) with the finest gluten free line of flours and other gluten free baking goods.

Canada’s known for its sweet maple products, and Desbarats, Ontario’s Old Mill Mapleworks produces some of its sweetest. From maple syrup to maple candies, with the MK Kosher Certification, Old Mill Mapleworks s making the world even sweeter!

Jewels Under the Kilt is an artisan nut roaster from Fergus, Ontario. Their roasted nuts are infused with natural flavors to create delicious, nutritious snacks. 

Filsinger Organic Foods from Ayton, Ontario, is a unique orchard dedicated to making high quality, certified organic products. The MK now certifies their lines of apple cider vinegar, sweet apple cider, apple sauce, and pear sauce.

Delcato Foods from East York, Ontario, produces delicious falafel balls and Tahini. With a reputation of uncompromising commitment to their consumers, Delcato is conscious of the increasing demands of the kosher audience.

Triple “A” Cheese from Mississauga, Ontario, is proud to be one of Canada’s largest feta cheese makers, as well as a top producer of quality dairy products. Family-owned, Triple “A” maintains its reputation of being a Canadian cheese industry pioneer while supplying the highest-quality products to wholesalers, distributers and retail chains across North America.

Quinta Local Superfoods is an Ontario corporate enterprise that specializes in growing and preparing high quality, locally farmed, gluten-free crops. Based in Guelph, Ontario, they have recently sought out certification for their Quinta Quinoa, which is grown by local Canadian farmers.

The companies that are seeking out MK Certification are a tribute to the growing trend of mindful food. These companies care about their customers and want their customers to be assured that their food is exactly what it is. The MKs logo, mark of trust that gives assurance to kosher consumers and many others around the world, is becoming pervasive in Ontario and around the world.

Companies seeking to join the MK Kosher Family can contact the MK for a clear guideline on how to receive certification. The MK offers complete support in helping each company achieve its goals. Call now to speak to the MK’s professional and experienced team that prides itself on being friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, and discreet. 

Our goal is to get your product on the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Together we can grow your business and are ready to work with you!

Apply now to join the ever growing Kosher market:

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