Kosher Yoshon Products

The Yoshon season is advancing and we are still waiting on confirmation for certain codes. For the time being, we implemented safe dates (highlighted in red below) in order to aid the consumer with his purchases.

Anything after/above the safe date is sofek Chodosh. As the accurate dates become available we will publish them.

Latest updates or changes are written in green.

When a hechsher is listed near the product, the date code corresponds to the product with that hechsher only. Other hechsherim carry different codes.

Breaded Fish

Adar – Pre-cooked breaded flounder is Yoshon. (sole fish)


Robin Hood, Five Roses, Compliments & Selection flour.
Year Date Code1 Plant Code2 Comments
2 286 547
2 230 548 All Purpose Flour – retail & Costco pack
2 284 548 Cake and Pastry flour only
2 300 715
2 261 640
  1. 1 The Date code corresponds to the Julian date. For example, day 2 -230 is the 230th day of the year 2022 which corresponds to august 18 2022. These numbers or lower are Yoshon.
    2 The Plant code refers to the plant that the product was manufactured. First, locate the plant code on the full code that is printed on the bag, then read the year and date codes.

    Flour – (COR 285) – Regualr: BB Sept 27 2023 or lower is Yoshon. Whole Wheat: BB June 13 2023. Organic BB sept 13 2023

    Great Plains, P&H, Compliments (Metro) and any flour with a “PH” in the code – Note: The last two digits represent the plant code (02 07 08 09) lower refers to the middle three digits for ex. 2 269 02. Codes: 2 269 or lower for plants 02. 2 245 for plant 09 and 2 265 for plant 07
    2 277 for plant 08

    Ardent Mills, Robin Hood, Bakers Hood, Master Hand, Golden Temple or any flour with a COR323 – for plant ‘SK’- a date code of 2-230 or lower.
    For plant code ‘MT’ – 2-286 or lower is Yoshon. For Durum semolina and Atta flour date code of 2-234 or lower.
    No Name Flour – If best before date includes “PFM” use the same code as COR 285 flour. For “PH” use the codes noted above for “PH”. For “AD” a best before code of 2023 SE 18 or earlier, for whole Wheat flour – Best Before codes are 3 months earlier then regular.
    PC Flour – All Purpose flour – if the BB date includes “PFM” always Yoshon. For Whole Wheat & Organic use same codes as Cor 285
    Rodelle Flour (20kg bags) – November 13 2022 or earlier – it must have a “P” in the code.
    Flour Packed by Fooderie – Regular and Whole wheat is Yoshon.

Bars and mixes

Made Good products sold in Canada – lot # 0822 or lower is Yoshon.
Nature Valley Granola Bars – Best Before 06SE2023 CO or earlier is Yoshon.  For plant CO only. (the plant codes apears after BB date)
Aunt Jamima Pancake mixes (COR112) – Will remain Yoshon.


Robin HoodOld Mill Oats – Robin Hood and Ardent Mill 2 273 or lower is Yoshon.
Ardent Mills (little John) – 2 273 or lower is Yoshon.
Quaker Oats (COR 112) – Any product that contains oats – packaging date of 09 24 P 2 or earlier. (September 24 2022)
Quaker Oats Cotsco Pack– Packaging date of 0924 5N2 or lower. (0924 = september 24 5N2= 2022) 
No Name Oats – Large Flake, One Minute, Quick – Best Before 2023 SEP 2 or earlier. (this date does not apply to single serve packets)


NuPak Barley Best before 2023 Oct 6 or earlier
Johnvince /Quik Kook – If purchased after the last week of october it is sofek chodosh.
PC Blue Menu, Great Value – Pearl and soft barley date  code of  22269 or lower
Adar – always Yoshon.
Clic –  package date of  Oct 1 2022 or earlier.
Cedar – PD22010 or lower (PD YDDMM)


Ceder Soft wheat –  PD20111 or lower is Yoshon.
Note: CITE CACHER on 4765 Ave Van Horne purchased Yoshon Soft wheat to sell. (Please double check codes before purchasing).


Cheerios –  BB Oct 17 23
Fiber 1 – always Yoshon.

Alpen & Grain Shop High Fibre Crisp – Best Before 27 AUG 2023.
Post Cereals (COR 114)
1) Shredded Wheat and Spoon Size Shredded Wheat Brands –  Original, honey toasted and Wheat & Bran – always Yoshon.
2) Shreddies Brand – Original and Honey only are still Yoshon.  (contains barley malt extract)
Kellogg Canada (COR 246)
All Bran, Raisin Bran, Bran Flakes, Corn Flakes, Honeynut Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies- Still Yoshon Safe date BB December 1 2023 or earlier.
Corn Pops – Yoshon (oat flour not a concerm)
Fruit Loops (COR 246 – candaian product only) Best before October 21 2023
President’s Choice (COR 1)
Fruity O’s – Best before October 26 2023 or earlier
Crunchy – Maple almond, mixed berry and cranberry almond. Best Before Aug 27 2023 or earlier.


Primo & Unico (COR 78) – Best Before October 10th 2025 or earlier is Yoshon.
Italpasta & all other pasta with a COR 136 – Best Before Oct 3 2024 or earlier is Yoshon.
PC/No Name Pasta (COR 1) – Best Before Oct 3 2024 or earlier is Yoshon.
Ronzoni, Catelli & Lancia (all bearing COR 235 only) – Regular: Best Before Oct 26 2025 or earlier is Yoshon. Whole Wheat & Egg Pasta- BB October 26 2024
Smart Pasta – Best before September 15 2024 or earlier.
Grisspasta – Regular Pasta: Best Before 2025 Oct 10. Specialty Pasta: Whole Grain, Vegetables, Egg Pasta – Best Before 2024 Oct 10 or earlier is Yoshon.
Catelli (with an MK) –  same codes as Grisspasta.
Ferenez /Mama (MK) – always Yoshon..


Zinda – Thin regular Medium only (not pearled) lot 02v243 or earlier. Note: Disregard the firs two digits. The letter represends the year. (u=2021 v=2022). 243 the day code.
Cedar –(Thin regular and medium only) PD20310 (PD2=year 2022 03=day of month 10=month,october)


All gravy, poutine and soup bases should be checked for flour.
Premier Ingredients– Everything is Yoshon
PureSpice – Everything is Yoshon except Shawarma mix, chicken soup base and Poutine Gravy.
Poutine sauce Best Before: 11 – 2025 or lower is yoshon. Shawarma spice/seasoning Best Before: 08-2025 or lower is yoshon.
Chicken soup base econo- Best Before: 10 – 2025 or lower is yoshon.
BSA WEIBERG -soup base and vegetarian poutine sauce contain flour.

Pastry dough

Beteavone – Everything is Yoshon.
Cedar (MK 562) – Brick pastry sheet is still Yoshon.

Ice Cream-

Abe’s ice cream – Cookie cream ice cream is Yoshon.