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Robin Hood

Date code format: Year -Julien date– Plant. First locate the plant code and then the Julien date code. Or earlier refers to date code.

Flour with a plant code of “548” a date code of 3229548 or earlier is Yoshon.  Flour with a Plant code of “547” is still yoshon, expected production changeover is next week.


Bakers Hood, Master Hand, Golden Temple or any flour with a COR(323) 

All Purpose and Bread flours: Plant code ‘SK’ date code 3229.Please note: Costco very often sells flour from the ‘SK’ plant. Plant code ‘MT’ is still yoshon, expected production changeover is next week.

Great Plains, P&H, Compliments (Metro) and any flour with a “PH” in the code

The first digit in the code is the year. The middle three digits is the Julien date code. The last two digits represent the plant code (02, 07, 08, 09). First locate the plant code and then the Julien date code.

Note: Or lower refers to the middle three digits only.

3 236 07 or lower is Yoshon.

3 240 09 or lower is Yoshon


Rye flour and Spelt Flour:

Canadian and American crop is always considered Yoshon.

Wheat and Barley

Adar Barley: Always Yoshon

Clic: Packaging date of Oct 2 2023 is yoshon.

Cedar soft wheat: Estimated c/o will likely change. PD30609 or earlier is yoshon. (PDYDDMM)

Zina Soft wheat MK (221): Estimated c/o will likely change lot # 251/23 (DDD/YY) or earlier is yoshon. Ottawa Valley Grain Products: Soft wheat and barley lot # 9123 (MDYY) or earlier is yoshon.


Pasta and Couscous

Zinda Couscous (regular only, not pearled). Estimated c/o will likely change: 02w245 or earlier (Disregard the first two digits. The letter represents the year. (v=2022 w=2023). 276 the day code).

Cedar Couscous: Stock up asap.

Pasta Products: Stock up Asap.

Grisspasta: Estimated c/o. Regular: BB Oct 3rd 2026. Whole grain & specialty BB Oct 3rd 2025.

Ferenecz/Mama: Pasta products are always Yoshon.


Other Products

Made Good Bars: Lot # 0823 (MMYY) or lower (ex. 0723, 0623) are Yoshon.

Oats:   May already be Chodosh. For now, a packaging date prior September 1 2023 is considered Yoshon.


Beteavone Brick Paper: Yoshon
Cedar Brick Paper (MK 562): Yoshon


Frozen Bridor Baguette: best before sept 18 2024 or earlier.
Fresh Bridor Baguette: (sold at MK certified bakeries only) assumed Yoshon until September 18 2023.



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