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With the arrival of Passover, all of us are busy preparing for this exciting Festival. Much preparation takes place by the ladies of the household ensuring that all of the Chametz (unleavened) items have been removed. We then commence taking out the Passover items as well as doing all the Passover shopping, ensuring that we are ready by the deadline of the Seder on Monday night, April 14th 2014.

For over 50 years, we have published our Canada’s Passover Magazine, which has been distributed across the Canadian continent and which includes much information pertaining to this special Chag. Although this magazine addresses hundreds of issues pertaining to Passover, you the consumer, sometime ask additional questions. It’s important that these be addressed and we are happy to answer them in this short article.


Question Maple Syrup: Does this need specific Passover certification?

Answer: Although consumers naturally assume that there are no additives in maple syrup, this is not the case. Indeed, all year round, maple syrup would require a reliable Kosher certification. For Passover, a special Passover supervision for this product is necessary. Products such as antifoams, are added to the maple syrup, which must be Kosher and certainly must be Kosher for Passover


Question:  Do Marvid chickens need special certification for Passover?

Answer: Marvid Chickens are Kosher for Passover all year round and do not require a special Kosher for Passover designation on the packaging.


Question: Nuts-raw-do they need special Passover certification?

Answer: Nuts which have not been processed, roasted, and which have not had any ingredients added to them and are sold raw, do not require Passover certification. This would apply nuts which are sold raw, sliced, or crushed, etc.


Question: Do oils require a special Passover certification?

Answer: Extra Virgin Olive oil does not require a special Passover certification, but would require a reliable regular Kosher symbol on the packaging. Regarding other oils, these would require special Passover certification with the insignia of Passover certification on the packaging.


Question: Decaf tea – Does this need a special Passover Certification.

Answer: Decaffeinated coffees and teas require special for Passover certification due to the process used to produce these products.


For all other Kashrut questions and much pertinent information for Passover, the MK has made it easier for the consumer, with the only Kosher app in Canada, available on the Apple App store and Google Play. Check out the Passover section from the index, where all your Passover shopping questions will be answered at the push of a button.

As we all gather round for the heralding of this wonderful Festival, where so much hard work has been put in, preparing and ensuring that it will be most enjoyable with our families and friends, it enables us to not only understand this Festival of Freedom but to reflect on our own personal Freedoms, whilst adhering to the Torah and it’s Edicts. What a wonderful time, sitting at the Seder, appreciating the miracles that have happened to us through the generations, starting with our Exodus in Egypt. Our praise to Hashem and His constant kindness should be sung out loud as we celebrate.

Let’s pray that the meaning and appreciation of Passover will be inculcated in our daily lives. Let’s focus on how we can be kind to others, especially those close to us. This is the time to reignite our values of kindness.

Next year in Jerusalem! Chag Sameach.

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