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Rabbi Emanuel meets with Alberta’s Minister of Agriculture – Devin Dreeshen

Articles of Interest | September 10th, 2021

In encouraging the reopening of Canadian businesses after pandemic shutdowns, Alberta’s provincial government hosted the 2021 @calgarystampede The event celebrated local manufacturers and served as an opportunity for beef, dairy, honey, grain, vegetable, and hemp producers from across the province to network and gain investors and support. Rabbi Saul Emanuel of the MK met with…

6 questions for Rabbi Mani Dienna – Ontario Kosher Inspector

Articles of Interest | April 27th, 2021

What led you to become a Kosher inspector ? This is a very interesting question. I probably came to Kosher supervision from a different perspective and background than most Mashgichim (Kosher supervisors). I live in Toronto and I was originally involved in the business world. I owned and operated a large medical laboratory and a chain…

Demystifying Kosher Certification

Articles of Interest | April 13th, 2021

What’s behind the symbol on so many of your favourite foods Have you ever looked closely at the packaging on your food and wondered what the little Kosher symbol on it really means? Today is your lucky day, because the dedicated team at the MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier, is here to take the mystery…