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At Brad’s Plant Based, passion and purpose are at the heart of everything the company strives to deliver. The CEO of Brad’s Plant Based, Arthur Pergament, discovered his passion to bring plant-based snacking options in the consumer space due to an encounter that would forever change his life. While he was jogging one afternoon in 2009, Arthur fell ill and collapsed, causing him to be rushed to the hospital where he learned he had been diagnosed with liver failure. His doctor at the time recommended that he begin a plant-based diet to assist in the healing process, and after just nine months on this diet, Arthur’s health returned, and a new passion was born. Having seen the results, and having gone through this experience, Arthur was determined to make plant-based alternatives more available and more affordable on grocery shelves across North America. That’s when Arthur discovered Brad’s Plant Based, a thriving snack food company that was providing healthy snacking alternatives to consumers and was already being carried by major retailers, like Whole Foods. Passionate about the mission of Brad’s Plant Based foods, Arthur invested in the company, later assuming the role of CEO in 2016. 

Even long before Pergament arrived at the company, passion has been a seed planted in the company culture from the beginning. Brad’s Plant Based was born out of a dream by its founder, Brad Gruno, in early 2009, at the time known as Brad’s Raw Foods. From the start, its goals were ambitious; with its first goal to create a line of traditional snack alternatives for those looking to embrace a plant-based diet. Beginning with their veggie chips, the company later delivering broccoli peppers, crunchy kale, seaweed kale-chi, and tortilla chips, and an ongoing dedication to new recipes and ideas that will continue their ongoing ambition for great plant-based snacking options. At the heart of the company, Brad’s Plant Based strives to make food with the purpose of being both delicious and healthy. Plant-based foods not only greatly influence our environment by causing minimal greenhouse gas emissions and less water, but has also been proven more healthy, being proven to reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. All of Brad’s Plant Based foods use organic, non-GMO ingredients, also ensuring that none of their foods have been genetically modified in any way, and of course, every product is gluten-free. 

Brad’s snacks are carried by major suppliers like Amazon’s Whole Foods but largely sells their products through their online shop, at Brad’s owner Arthur Pergament’s goal is to expand Brad’s to more markets and make healthy plant-based snacks more accessible to consumers seeking healthier alternatives. His passion for his company only grows as his company continues to expand, having grown from a modest dream in 2009 to a healthy alternative helping consumers all across North America. 

Brad’s Plant Based snacks are always striving to deliver purpose and healthier alternatives in everything they do, and the passion to provide consumers with high-quality healthy snacking alternatives remain at the forefront of everything the company does. 

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